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estate agents

In certain situations our clients may be interested in using traditional estate agents in addition to their listings on this site.

In rental situations, such agents would have to agree with the following Conditions:

  1. Loftcentral would be the sole contact with you, the agent.
  2. Loftcentral's clients will pay no renewal fees to any agent when tenants renew their leases with our clients directly.
  3. Loftcentral's clients will pay a maximum commission of 6% on lettings.
  4. Loftcentral will share the information on this site to help with any marketing, but will sign no contracts until appropriate tenant has been agreed upon.
  5. Viewings will only be scheduled when you have actual clients ready to see flats.

If you are interested, simply email Stephan and confirm above terms.

In Sales situations, we suggest you discuss possible arrangements with Stephan.