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As an owner, there is a fee to advertise with; and not all properties will be accepted due to a strict criteria and advertiser limits.

We have chosen to accept only loft properties in former industrial/commercial buildings (school conversions are ok). Properties must be over 1000 sq ft and should display some remnants of the original architecture. Inclusion to the site must be at our sole discretion and will be limited to a maximum number of fifty lofts for sale at any one time.

To advertise on, please contact Stephan via the contact page to discuss your property's potential and our fees. Then, if appropriate, we can arrange an appointment to see your space. Once we determine that your property meets the site's loft criteria and fees are agreed, we will arrange to have the necessary photographs taken and added to the site. At that point you will be requested to complete the london registration form page.

We have now added a feature to the site that might be helpful to your selling and/or letting efforts. A "secure document folder" for each listing. It is password protected and can hold a number of documents that you might want to offer to prospective purchasers or renters.

We believe that this feature will be especially useful if the introduction of the Home Information Pack goes ahead as the Government has indicated. In this situation, buyers will require a copy of the Pack, so to facilitate this, sellers can have the pack uploaded to their secure document folder and simply provide the password to those buyers that they want to have it. No copies, no postage and immediate availabley to simplify the process. Just ask Stephan for more information.

For those renting out their lofts, they might want to keep a copy if their rental contract in their secure folder and simply let those seeking to rent, download it.

We hope this is another way we can help you sell or let your property. If you have other ideas on things we should be doing, please let us know.