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Since I own and live in a loft, I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of the resources that I have used over my years in London. These folks are not simply strangers paying to advertise, but rather firms that I have worked with and whose reputations have not let them down.
loftcentral - Look familiar? Yes, this is also my site. It is a free service for loft owners to use, to potentially earn extra income from their properties. It promotes architecturally designed, residential loft properties for film, television, and photographic shoots to location managers, scouts, photographers, etc. If you are already a loft owner, please take a look as it could put money in your pocket.
SCP - OK, so I fancy myself as a style guru and when you have space to fill you want to fill it with only those few things that count. SCP has great furniture that really works in open-plan spaces, and they're even located in a funky loft neighbourhood Shoreditch, so you can check them out and then wander around Hoxton Sq. If, however you're looking for Laura Ashley or Calvin Kline, best go somewhere else.

Paul Critchley, Painter - Art is a very subjective area and recommendations are usually worthless. Having said that, I would like to share the art of one painter whose work I have “enjoyed” from afar as alas, I cannot afford to purchase it. Maybe you’ll be luckier. I first came across his work wandering down lower Broadway in NYC. As I passed one of my favourite exhibition spaces, Broadway Windows, his work was on show. A smile came to my face and I said…”wow, what a great idea.”

I recently saw a greater range of his work in London and had the chance to meet him personally. I then decided that I would put this link on my site so you could see and enjoy (and even purchase) his work. Take a look – if you have a big space, I know it would fit in and bring a smile to your lips as well. Enjoy.

John Charcol - These guys were my mortgage brokers. When I purchased my loft, it was sold as a shell (nothing but cement and windows). At the time the banks had a policy that they would not loan money on any property that did not have a kitchen or bathroom - Charcol got me a loan.
Gilmore-Raby Design - interior designers who can advise on effective presentation of your loft for sale. They can also draw clear computerised plans of your apartment and maybe a computerised walk thru, June Raby is a specialist in 2 and 3D design.
Adam Butler - Adam is a fine art photographer who specializes in photographing interiors. He can take fabulous pictures of your loft and if it’s interesting or unusual in its architectural layout or interior design, he might even get it published in one of the glossy interiors magazine, which may well add value to the property. See his published photos on his site at or email him at Check out the photographs on his site – you might even find one of his cool Cityscapes of London and New York to decorate your loft.
London Property Search - Established in 1995 as a totally independent buying agent, the company uses their extensive knowledge and experience to the best advantage of their clients: spanning homes for purchase and rental, investment properties and property management.
Check out an offer from the Telegraph, Click this link, read the story and call me about taking up the offer.
The Home Information Pack - It may be coming if the Government has it's way. We suggest you check-out the official site to see what's involved.